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Gulf Coast Genealogical Society is still an integral part of CCUG-PC's history. The SBGS's complete bound set of its Genealogy books is available at the Nunez Community College Library. Below is the link!

L'Heritage at Nunez CC

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Now Celebrating
Years of Excellence!
December,1990 - 2015

CCUG-PC Board of Directors
 (Pre-Katrina in 2005)
(L-R Seated)-Laura Brunies (Secretary), Margaret Wynn, (Membership Secretary),
Sue Wessing, (VP)
(L-R Standing)-Bob Faucheux, (Member Representative), Jerry (President/Founder), Sheila McElroy
(Programs Coordinator), and
Harry Cancienne (Treasurer).

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Welcome to CCUG-PC!

Recent News!
Meetings are held at:

St. Tammany Public Library in Slidell
555 Robert Blvd. - (985-646-6470)

Upcoming Meeting Date:

November 19,  2016

The next general meeting of CCUG-PC will be held on:

SATURDAY, November 19, 2016
10:30 am to 12:00 pm.


The topic will be: 
"Stump the Experts"
(Jerry M., Moderator)
Sue Wessing
Ray Paternostro
Harry Cancienne

Can you stump the experts? Give them your best shot. Remember to bring your questions before the meeting so that we can present them on post cards for our panel! Don't miss it! Mark your calendar:
November 19, 2016!!


Past Meeting:
May 14
, 2016

The past general meeting of CCUG-PC was held on Saturday, May 14,  from 10:00am to
12:30 p.m.

Ray Paternostro explains using External data storage


Data Safety
– Utilizing External Data Storage
with Ray Paternostro

Jerry starting the meeting with asking who had purchased new technology recently.

Members and guest posed questions on their recent concerns.

Ray started his talk suggesting gathering the bulk of your computer files into the Documents folder in Windows, that way documents to backup are easier to find.

Other places to backup are pictures and music files folders.

Ray showed various USB devices (thumb drives) on which to back up files.  USB 3.0 and 3.1 are the most recent versions.  These devices are backwards compatible on older machines that have USB 2.0, however transfer may be slower when backing up to the older USB technology.

External Hard Drives were the next back up products discussed.  Ray showed several sites to obtain all the devices, and local office supply stores were also an option.

Newer hard drives are able to backup 1 Terrabyte of files and more.  Price is your only limitation.

Some hard drives are used to back up more than one machine, or several files such as documents, music files, photos, videos, etc.

Many times software is included on the backup device or a link to download the software are suggested for the end user.

Hard drives can be delicate if dropped, USB are a little more sturdy as they have no moving parts. 

CLOUD Storage, Microsoft One Drive and Google Drive are most popular.

MS One Drive recently downsized their free storage from 15 megabytes to 5. Google Drive still offers 15 megabytes of free storage.

MS Outlook Mail backs up to One Drive.  It is tied to an online version of Office which saves to the One Drive.

Google Drive lets two or more people share the document they are working on.  (I use this at work). There are calendars and so much more in these programs.

Image backups were discussed, these are a total backup of all the data on your computer, however you can only restore to the same computer or one identical to yours.  Individual files are not able to be restored from these backups.

A Better solutions are to backup files and folders.  Restoring is easier.

Questions fielded were how to open video and graphic programs on Windows 10.  Some older Windows program aren’t there any more. ( I for one notices Movie Make files weren’t opening.)  It was suggested to download VLC Media player. 

Further questions included Malware and Ransomware.  Free version of was one solution mentioned.  Always keep firewall and antivirus programs current on your computers.

Last note was July 29th 2016 is the last date for free upgrade to Windows 10.


CCUG 25th Anniversary Meeting November 21, 2015

On Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015, CCUG-PC celebrated its 25th Silver Anniversary.  The group's initial meeting was held on December 7, 1990.  Join us for this special 25th anniversary reunion meeting. We saw familiar member faces not seen in a while.

There were 25 Members at the celebratory event. They came to enjoy memories, prizes and food and they were not disappointed.

Jerry showed an updated slide show of outstanding photos and memories from many of which were rescued from Katrina by Laura Brunies and myself.

There were newer members who wished they would have known about our group in years past!  This was a very nice compliment and testimony to the great things CCUG-PC accomplished in its historical quarter of a century!

The food: Sandwiches, mini muffalettas, cheese and fruit trays, many soft drinks, water and teas were provided by members, Jerry, Harry and Sue. But, the grand food service was the 25th Anniversary cake which was enjoyed by all!

After the anniversary memories presentation there were prizes distributed, but the grand prizes was cash prizes which were awarded to:
Priscilla Scott, $25
Ray Paternostro $25
Jerry Artigue $50
Curtis McElroy $50

It was truly a wonderful meeting. We’re still hearing about the presentation of memories, food, and a grand time through good comments. – Sue Wessing.

The panel: Ray Paternostro, Sue Wessing and Harry Cancienne

Questions were answered from cards given out to members as they came into the meeting room, along with their ticket for a chance of prizes.

The Questions were from a wide range:

How to correctly dispose of a battery?

When is Windows 10 coming out and will it cost?

What happened to Windows 9?

What programs to use for Malware and Antivirus?

How to do a genealogy or other search in Google Advanced settings?

Can you edit and move files in the Cloud? Which Clouds should I use?

What programs to use for backups?

What is the difference in a file backup and an image backup?

Should you shutdown your computer or put in sleep moe?

Do sunspots affect our signals?

You want these answers? You should have come to the meeting!

Join CCUGPC on Facebook for answers to these and many more topics and questions.

Prizes were won by Rose Penney, Joe Tosh, Eldon LeBlanc, Lance Castellanos and Harry Cancienne.

--Sue Wessing




Ed.  Also group members can expect the group's issue of Newsbits (Electronically PDF format) to be sent to members prior to the meeting with details.


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Map of the Slidell Branch


Photograph of the Slidell Branch
St. Tammany Public Library
555 Robert Blvd - in Slidell, LA

Driving Directions to CCUG-PC Meeting:

Coming east from Mississippi the quickest route is exiting off I-10 on Gause Blvd/Hwy 190(right turn) then proceed west on Gause Blvd. to Robert Blvd.  (Textron and Slidell Memorial at that corner of Robert Blvd. which intersects Gause Blvd. You will see Slidell Memorial Hospital on the left and Textron on the Right. Turn right at the fenced Textron and go two more traffic lights, library is on left just after the second traffic signal Intersection of Robert and North Blvd/Audubon Blvd. (both streets meet at Robert Blvd.)
From west or the Covington area you can exit I-12 Exit 83 (Hwy 11/Pearl River Exit), turn right onto Hwy 11 (Front St), then turn left at next traffic light (North Blvd.) Follow winding street to Robert Blvd. The Library is on the left (behind the trees).  There is construction going on at the I-12 intersection.
From New Orleans get off Gause/Hwy 190 west exit (left).  Follow along until Robert Blvd as above.

Meetings area always followed with members/guests meeting afterwards for lunch. For more information, please contact Jerry at RSVP is preferred to seat properly and cost is at the expense of members who wish luncheon accommodations.

Always lots of info, computer technology and
Q & A to stimulate the most challenged of computing minds!


There's also an online presence, (since 1997) of activity for this time will be available on its CCUG-PC Yahoo Club (Group) and also on FACEBOOK, headed by Buster Matthews.

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